OEE is an important metric for manufacturers as it helps them measure their production efficiency. Manufacturers can use OEE to identify areas where they can improve and then take steps to make those improvements.
OEE solution providers, like Future Algos, are companies that provide a range of services to help customers improve their overall production by integrating IoT into their production plants. They provide data analytics, predictive modelling, and optimization tools to help customers make decisions about their manufacturing process and make it smarter.

What Is Smart Manufacturing?

Smart Manufacturing is integrating IoT and suitable devices into the operation of manufacturing facilities, with the objective of making them more efficient and achieve higher overall operational efficiency. At its heart, Smart Manufacturing is data-driven, with the aim of increasing the profitability and performance of manufacturing operations.
In recent years, manufacturing units have realized the importance of OEE and have started to invest in improving the OEE of their production line. They have invested in measuring, monitoring, and evaluating their units, and have used predictive analytics and optimization to improve their operations.
All this has made manufacturing smarter and trending. In the past, a simple OEE report would be enough. But today’s manufacturing units need more complex reports that help them understand the key performance indicators (KPIs), and that is where OEE Solution Providers like Future Algos come into play.

The main drivers of Smart Manufacturing in today’s scenario are –

    • Blockchain in manufacturing
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Robotics
    • Internet of Things in the industry
    • Condition monitoring
    • Cyber security

Why OEE Systems In Smart Manufacturing?

In manufacturing, the main drivers that can impact an operation’s efficiency are throughput, yield, setup time, and machine downtime. So, the first step towards improving OEE is to understand how each of these areas of operation is contributing to the overall OEE and then making improvements where needed.
However, implementing OEE within your manufacturing unit requires careful planning and preparation. It is a huge task, and requires a team of experienced technical experts. But with the help of OEE Solution Providers like Future Algos, you are able to setup an effective OEE System in less time and less investment.

A Few Advantages Of Implementing OEE Systems For Manufacturing Industry

The process of manufacturing is a complicated one, and there are a number of steps and processes involved in producing a product. One of the key areas of manufacturing that can impact OEE is the quality of the final product. The introduction of any new manufacturing technology is a process that involves a lot of planning, including training and support. OEE analytics can help you in the following areas:

Improved ROI Or Return On Investment

This is especially true in the manufacturing and automotive industry because of the huge investments that are made towards machinery and plant setup. OEE pinpoints the exact area where improvements need to be made, saving the operator time and money. This benefits a number of small and medium-sized manufacturers that don’t have the capital to invest in complex monitoring and analytics software.

Derive Maximum Productivity From Any Machinery

OEE is a continuous, non-invasive assessment of a machine’s performance. It measures performance-related parameters such as throughput, cycle time and defect occurrence to enable manufacturers to understand the performance of their machines. This in turn helps them to make informed decisions and to identify the best solutions to improve their production efficiency. OEE solution providers like Future Algos are able to work with your team and design an optimal OEE system for your plant.

Offers The Necessary Data To Make An Informed Decision

A lot of data is required to assess any business performance. OEE systems offer the necessary data to decide, improve, and measure your plant performance.
In traditional analytics, data is extracted from multiple sources and it is manually entered into an excel sheet. This process is tedious, not to mention the fact that manual input is prone to errors. It is in this sense that OEE offers a clear advantage in comparison to other performance metrics. In this way, you can decide what changes should be made to improve the OEE of your business.

Help In Better Maintenance Of Machinery And Equipment

Since you have first-hand information on the performance of the machinery, you are able to take timely steps to rectify any problems that need to be addressed. You can also make any required changes to the plant configuration to achieve better productivity. So, when you have an efficient OEE system, you can save a huge amount on preventative maintenance. And it is important to build your OEE system with an expert OEE solution provider like Future Algos.


The first three Industrial Revolutions were based on mass-production of machines, and the mass-production of products through these machines. The world is said to be experiencing the fourth industrial revolution right now. This is a period of time in which we are able to create a lot more wealth and a lot more products at a very fast rate using advanced digital technology.
The impact of IoT on the manufacturing industry is going to be immense. IoT is about connecting assets to a central dashboard and then creating real-time actionable insights. There’s no doubt that the manufacturing industry has the potential to become much more efficient than its current state. A smart factory is set to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by enabling the use of various technologies to increase the productivity.
Future Algos, a well-established OEE solution providers, can help you determine how to optimize OEE systems. Our team of engineers and software engineers can easily customize OEE solutions for your specific manufacturing needs, and we can also develop innovative solutions to support your unique business practices, equipment and processes. Future Algos provides a fast OEE solution with a low initial investment and minimal training time.