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Empowering Industries with Industrial Software Development

Future Algorithms offers cutting-edge industrial software development to build smart factories, that operate better, drive efficiency and pave the way for a sustainable future. We work with you to understand your industrial ecosystem and deliver customised industrial software solutions that accelerate transformation while optimising productivity, performance, and profits.

Our Expertise


Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual replica of a real-world process or component in the manufacturing facilities. As an enhanced model, this digital counterpart uses real-time inputs from a physical entity. Be it mirroring the object's state, functionality, & interaction, or predicting the performance of the component - a digital twin does it all.

Any organisation that's into manufacturing items, whatever be the sector, can use digital twin solutions.

OEE Monitoring System

For manufacturers, one of the greatest challenges is monitoring the shop floor. To deal with this, they use OEE monitoring systems to gather critical data about shop-floor activities and update department heads & operators with real-time information. This empowers them to analyze & make decisions that are smarter, safer & faster.

But, to understand, measure & improve performance with production monitoring software, one must define it. The most common metric for manufacturers to accomplish this, is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


Track & Trace

Our track & trace softwares help in tracking individual and defective components in your assembly line in real-time. You can quickly track the quality of the product in real-time and handle recalls if needed cost-effectively.

Instead of recalling the entire batch, our solutions help you identify the specific components and order a recall. Our traceability solutions are designed to give you the advantage and ensure the high quality of your production line at all times.

Key Industrial Software Development Solutions

Advanced Productivity Management

Enhance your company’s production capacity by maximising machinery & investing in industrial software development. Raise your profit margin with our advanced production management solutions.

  • Reduce Machinery Downtime

Find out the core reasons for machinery breakdowns, delays, and failure. Plant operators get instant notifications to reduce losses and prevent downtime.

  • Predictable Maintenance

Prevent failures before they occur with predictable maintenance. Get real-time data of machinery health from hundreds of measurements collected by sensors, PLCs and cameras.

industrial software development

Productivity Management Tools

Optimise quality and maximise profitability with an MES-based approach.

An industry 4.0 manufacturing execution system helps to enhance productivity, maximise quality and reduce production costs with better visibility. Use our MES to streamline production, track the transformation of products from raw materials to finished goods, and maximise plant resource utilisation.

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