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Digital Work Instruction Set

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Digital Work Instruction Set (DWIS)

Digital Work Instruction Set (DWIS) solution from Future Algorithms is not just a Digital tool for displaying the instruction to operator while performing an assembly operation, it is much more than that. It is a digital assistant for the operator which magnifies his productivity allowing him to achieve his production target within the required tact time with zero defects.

The system also takes constant feedback form the equipment and so the operators can visualize the process parameters real time which improves the quality.

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Features for Digital Work Instruction Set

Single work instruction being displayed for as per the assembly sequence.

All key assembly parameters for assembly are visible in a single glance.

Instruction updated based on timing or sensor input.

3D model display, Animation for fitment guidance.

Multiple views to help operator visualise the step.

Data collected used for analysis.

Updating the assembly process for new models or optimizing existing steps is easier.

Easy for new operators to ramp up to the production targets.


Our DWIS Solution consists of the following components –

  • Jishu Hozen
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Product Control
  • Process control
  • Fool Proofing
  • Equipment Quality
  • Rejection



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