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Case Study 1: Production & OEE Solution

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Solution to Improve Operational Efficiency of a Pharmaceutical Client

About the Client

With one of the plants set up in Rajasthan, India, our client is a leading pharmaceutical multinational corporation with manufacturing plants across the globe.


The Challenge

Our client is a top pharmaceutical manufacturing company with plants running 24 x 7, 365 days of the year. They were having difficulties capturing the efficiency of operational equipment at the end of every shift. Earlier, the client was using manual entries in logbooks to track and enter efficiency data. Collating information from all machinery across the plant was highly tedious and time-consuming. Furthermore, manual entries were prone to operator errors and the data seldom matched up.

As a result, the client was losing out on productivity and was unable to monitor and track the efficiency of factory equipment, which led to unplanned downtime and loss of productivity. The client wanted to overcome all these drawbacks by building an innovative and intelligent IoT solution that would help in better visibility, real-time data and improved productivity. They approached FutureAlgos to help them overcome the challenge.

Proposed Solution

After analyzing the client's requirements and understanding their existing challenges, we proposed a cloud-based smart IoT solution to allow factory floor workers to update production parameters into the cloud during every shift. The cloud-based solution would ensure data integrity and catch data mismatches at the time of entry rather than analyzing them afterwards. We also proposed to design the system to generate automatic data reports in the required formats after each shift and as and when needed.

Challenges in Development

FutureAlgos had to tackle three distinct challenges during development and implementation:

  • Different machines required multiple data entry formats and processing
  • Implementing a single sign-on for the identification and management of system users
  • Meeting the stringent security and data protection needs of the client’s IT security team

FutureAlgos took on the project to tackle these challenges head-on. We developed a robust, scalable and sophisticated cloud-based solution to handle automated data entry to track and monitor operational efficiency.

The Benefits

With our solution, the client has seen a significant savings of manhours of data entry operators. Since all data entry is digitalized, there is no need for manual entries, eliminating data mismatch and operator error. The system provides visual insights into production metrics in real-time, helping stakeholders make intelligent decisions. The convenient and flexible report generation gives all operators a granular and birds-eye of operational efficiency. The client was impressed with the system's functioning and partnered with FutureAlgos again for implementing further digitization activities across their organization.

We chose FutureAlgos for their expertise in industrial IoT solutions and their promise for fast turnaround. They were able to understand our business and technical requirements quickly and helped us build a sustainable solution that gives us a competitive advantage as we advance."

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