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Case Study 2: IoT Dashboard

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About the Client

Located in Indore, India, our client is an automation control panel manufacturer.

The Challenges

The client approached FutureAlgos to help them develop an IoT (Internet of Things) dashboard and administration panel. The client wanted real-time monitoring of various machines on various parameters like production counters, historical fault analysis and machine performance. The biggest challenge was that the devices were installed in remote locations with intermittent and poor internet connectivity.

Proposed Solution

After a detailed analysis of the client’s requirements, we proposed an AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud-based solution. We designed a model that will use two different databases to capture real-time data and processed data for analysis. Furthermore, the solution will offer other features like data archiving, data filtering and report generation in real-time.

Challenges in Development

The biggest challenge was creating an intuitive and scalable dashboard that would provide real-time updates of incoming data. The other unique challenges of this project were:

  • Very high traffic rate of data with each machine sending data at 5 second interval.
  • Different payload types for different types of messages.
  • Real time data processing and taking actions accordingly.
  • Multiple user types with different access rights for the system.

FutureAlgos designed and implemented an AWS cloud-based solution to tackle all these challenges. Based on our experience and best practices, we created an intelligent IoT dashboard for our client.

The Benefits

With our solution, the client has seen a significant increase in the efficiency of real-time performance monitoring. The system provides an accurate and real-time display of the machine state to the user. Additionally, the system enhances fault analysis by understanding and eliminating the root cause of faults. The system is also highly intuitive and provides attractive data visualization. The client has seen a rapid increase in the saleability of their machines, as they have been able to transform their regular machines into smart machines with impressive features like real-time monitoring and historical analysis services.

FutureAlgos provided us with much more than technical expertise. They listened intently to our business requirements and were quickly able to understand the challenges. Their vision provided us exactly what we needed and empowers us to deliver enhanced solutions for our customers.”

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